Which dog will be the most beautiful of them all?

The two-day grooming competition will entertain and show to the public what quality grooming looks like, says Cheryl Shaw, Grooming Director of the Pet Industry Association, the pet peak industry body in Australia.

“As dogs are increasingly being embraced as valued members of the family, owners are also realising the importance of grooming and demanding a higher grooming standard – not a quick shave-off. They are also looking for professional groomers with formal qualifications,” she says.

Grooming is one of the fastest growing sectors of Australia’s pet industry, with consumer expenditure on dog grooming at more than $204 million and number of pet groomers more than doubling over the past decade*.

“Many groomers are investing time and money into expanding on their knowledge and improving their skills through professional development and participating in grooming competitions, which all contribute to setting higher standards in the grooming industry,” said Ms Shaw. “Grooming competitions also raise the general public’s awareness of what great dog groomers are in Australia and the importance of choosing an educated groomer for their family pet.”

The PIAA will hold one competition per day for Poodle and Salon Freestyle, on the 5th and 6th of November starting at 9am each day. Groomers will compete for cash prizes, sachets and trophies, and the title of Best in Show!

For more information about the Pet Industry Association’s grooming competitions, visit www.piaa.net.au

*Australian Companion Animal Council. Contribution of the Pet Care Industry to the Australian Economy, 7th Edition.

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